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Name: Wang Xu Sex: Male
Date of Birth: May 2, 1974 Marital Status: Married


Electrical Engineering for Power Electronics/Digital/Analog systems,
Technical support for electronic/PC products, other related positions.

Summary of Qualifications

Solid knowledge in digital and analog circuits as well as control theory and systems.
Experience on electronic system design and product management.
Good understanding of Personal Computer hardware architecture.
Rich experience on various levels of programming with Assembly, PL/M, Pascal and C on different platforms including Intel x86/MCS-51/96, Motorola 68HC11and Texas Instruments DSPs.
Familiar with PC OSes such as Windows 9x/NT and Linux, commonly-used applications.
Good communication skills and teamwork experience.
Innovative thinking and willingness to learn.

Postgraduate Project for M.S. Degree

1998~2000 Design of Motion Control Experiment Platform based on Texas Instruments TMS320F240 DSP Controller


1997.9~2000.6 Automation Department of Tsinghua University M.S./Automatic Control Theory and Applications

1992.9~1997.7 Automation Department of Tsinghua University B.S./Automatic Control

Awards received

1998 Rockwell Automation MS Scholarship

1997 Special Award of "The Challenger's Cup", the summit award in the university for extracurricular technical activities

1997 Technical Award in Robocon'97

1993/1994 Scholarship for Excellence

Extracurricular activities

1996.4~1997.3 Robot design and implementation for Robocon'97, an annual International Robot Contest for university students held by NHK Group

1997.3 Took part in Robocon'97 in Osaka, Japan as the captain of the team. Won the Technology Award for excellence in robot design

1997.7~1998.9 Part-time job - Design and modification of Intelligent Accumulator Charger/ Discharger in Beijing Luck Star Power Machine Co.

Summer jobs

1998.8~1998.9 Beijing Luck Star Power Machine Co.

Designer/Product Manager/Marketing

SIMMConn, a versatile adapter for Creative SoundBlaster AWE64 series sound cards memory-upgrade.

1998.7~1998.8 Beijing Science and Technology Committee


BMCST, a Web-based Management Information System used in the intranet of the Committee.

1995.8~1995.9 Zhen Zhong Computer Systems Engineering Corp.

Technical support

On PC hardware and software


Good command of both written and spoken English
Mandarin is my mother tongue.


Photography, Hi-Fi, Computers, Reading, Swimming